Dear Current and Future Students,

Are you looking for a job that will help you support your family? Are you new to the United States and looking to learn English? Let East Hartford Adult & Continuing Education change your life! Whether you need to earn a high school diploma, become a United States citizen, or learn English, East Hartford Adult & Continuing Education is the place where you can start the next journey of your life! High school completion, English as a Second Langue (ESL), U. S. Citizenship, and Family Literacy classes are all FREE to town residents! We also offer a wide variety of online certification courses for students that, for modest fees, will help you further your career or to launch a new, exciting job in the future! With our experienced team of certified teachers and guidance counselors, we will give you all the resources and supports necessary to be successful. We understand you may have had a previous negative schooling experience in the past, but don't let that influence your future. We are here to help. Don't delay…contact us now!


Dr. Anthony Mangiafico

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