Family Literacy

In the Family Literacy program, you will learn:

  • How to teach reading and writing to your children at home
  • How to complete homework with your child
  • How to speak to your child's teachers and doctors

You will bring your 0-8-year-old child(ren) to class with you. Part of the time will be spent working with your family, and part of the time will be spent working with a certified instructor while your children work on literacy activities with trained paraprofessionals.

The class focuses on the four core components of family literacy:

  • Parent literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency
  • Age-appropriate education for children
  • Training for parents regarding how to be the primary teacher and full partners in the education of their children
  • Interactive literacy activities between parents and children.

Appropriate GED, pre-GED, GED in Spanish, ESL, and Workforce Readiness skills are also embedded into the class.